What Cooking is For


This is my sanity. Nothing will pull me out of a funk/sickness/tiredness/not-knowing-what-i’m-doing thing quicker than making something in the kitchen. This is one of my outlet for sanity and creativity. Cooking is creative, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It all boils down to decisions- that is art.

rosemary or thyme?

more white space

proofing the yeast in sugar or just adding it to the flour?

another shade of green

sharp white cheddar or feta?

delete, delete, delete

white whole wheat or unbleached bread flour?

And so I made soup and focaccia and blueberry pancakes and leg of lamb and lots of potatoes…

This focaccia is my new favorite recipe from The Short Lists blog. I made very minor changes. White whole wheat and topped (for the last 10 minute bake) with white sharp cheddar and rosemary. I used just as much olive oil as requested, though if I could change anything I’d trust her with the salt- I didn’t add enough. Nothing that salted butter can’t fix though.


I also made an enormous batch of tomato bisque using this recipe from Today’s Mama. Praise be. I think this soup cured me. I used the stove top instructions and sauteed the vegetables (celery, mushrooms, carrots) in butter before adding the tomatoes. I also used white sharp cheddar instead of Parmesan and oregano instead of basil. Then I blended everything up with my immersion blender. Very good!

This afternoon I’m headed into the studio to work on some workshop ideas, finish up a logo design and start work on some creative sewing projects that I’ve been sitting on for awhile.

Studio Tour: Part One


Everything is starting to come together in the front room. Still arranging the furniture and working on some custom art for the walls. I can’t wait to start hosting workshops and meetings in this space. The back room is where I work and it looks a bit more disheveled which I’m okay with.

I had the credenza against the wall with the tall shelf, but then I moved it. Still debating moving it back and putting a large painting the wall above.

Decorating this room has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Trying to go for a more modern and clean feel in here. At home, I like traditional furniture and cozy dark colors. I think there’s something to all this white, I’m feeling more creative lately.

You Are Here

Hey you! Thanks for checking out my new blog! Over the years I’ve started several blogs and here I am adding one more to the list.  I’ve wanted to carve out a little blog space just for me and my life and what I do creatively for some time now. A  space to share projects without feeling like it belongs to one project or another. A place where I can be personal and talk about anything I want to. It will be part logbook, part journal, and part discovery.

Beautiful Layers will continue, but only as a digital magazine, which I will talk about here. Mostly the creation and creative process. That site is getting a makeover for the new year right now, so it will look a little funny for now. My freelance design business and other wares/projects will now just be under my name, or Lorrie Creates, which feels really good to me.

Here we go!