You Are Here

Hey you! Thanks for checking out my new blog! Over the years I’ve started several blogs and here I am adding one more to the list.  I’ve wanted to carve out a little blog space just for me and my life and what I do creatively for some time now. A  space to share projects without feeling like it belongs to one project or another. A place where I can be personal and talk about anything I want to. It will be part logbook, part journal, and part discovery.

Beautiful Layers will continue, but only as a digital magazine, which I will talk about here. Mostly the creation and creative process. That site is getting a makeover for the new year right now, so it will look a little funny for now. My freelance design business and other wares/projects will now just be under my name, or Lorrie Creates, which feels really good to me.

Here we go!

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