What Cooking is For


This is my sanity. Nothing will pull me out of a funk/sickness/tiredness/not-knowing-what-i’m-doing thing quicker than making something in the kitchen. This is one of my outlet for sanity and creativity. Cooking is creative, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It all boils down to decisions- that is art.

rosemary or thyme?

more white space

proofing the yeast in sugar or just adding it to the flour?

another shade of green

sharp white cheddar or feta?

delete, delete, delete

white whole wheat or unbleached bread flour?

And so I made soup and focaccia and blueberry pancakes and leg of lamb and lots of potatoes…

This focaccia is my new favorite recipe from The Short Lists blog. I made very minor changes. White whole wheat and topped (for the last 10 minute bake) with white sharp cheddar and rosemary. I used just as much olive oil as requested, though if I could change anything I’d trust her with the salt- I didn’t add enough. Nothing that salted butter can’t fix though.


I also made an enormous batch of tomato bisque using this recipe from Today’s Mama. Praise be. I think this soup cured me. I used the stove top instructions and sauteed the vegetables (celery, mushrooms, carrots) in butter before adding the tomatoes. I also used white sharp cheddar instead of Parmesan and oregano instead of basil. Then I blended everything up with my¬†immersion¬†blender. Very good!

This afternoon I’m headed into the studio to work on some workshop ideas, finish up a logo design and start work on some creative sewing projects that I’ve been sitting on for awhile.

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