My beautiful wife Lorrie passed away unexpectedly on March 15, 2013 from cardiac arrest. She had turned 30 years old the previous day. The sadness I feel at this shocking loss cannot be expressed accurately so I won’t really attempt it. I am not alone in this sadness; she has many family members and friends who are also devastated. Yet Lorrie taught us all to try to make the most out of every day that we have, so I think she would want us to do something positive in her memory even as the emptiness of the space she left behind threatens to overwhelm us.

To honor Lorrie’s memory I have set up this memorial/fundraising page at the American Heart Association. The idea is to raise money for this good cause in hopes of saving someone else’s life as I wish hers had been saved.  If you cannot afford to give a donation you can still honor her memory by sharing a story about Lorrie or writing about how she influenced your life on the guestbook.

A college scholarship in Lorrie’s name has been set up at her high school.

Lorrie Fenn Lovely Lorrie Fenn (Burger)

Lorrie Fenn: Graphic Designer

Floyd EcoVillage Logo (Lorrie Fenn)

Crafty Chics Traveling Trunk Show (Logo by Lorrie Fenn)

Mountain Light Jewelry Logo by Lorrie Fenn

Nary Ordinary Banner by Lorrie Fenn

Through The Rectangle Logo by Lorrie Fenn

Wrenn Pottery Logo by Lorrie Fenn

Beautiful Layers Magazine layout design

Being Creative is a Way of Life (Lorrie Fenn Hand Drawn Type)

Lorrie Fenn: Magazine Editor



(the two issues of her Beautiful Layers Magazine are available to read for free here.)

Lorrie Designed, Made, & Sold Jewelry

Selling Jewelry in Floyd, VA

You Are Enlightened Necklace

Lorrie Fenn: Caterer

Lorrie Busy Bee Catering in Floyd, VA

Cheesecake - Lorrie Fenn - BusyBee Catering

Lorrie’s Office in Town

 Office in Town

Lorrie in NYC (Lived in Brooklyn ’06-’08)

in Manhattan with Anika on the Subway with Tina and Jasmine (Visiting) at POCC NYC6

Our Wedding (June 6, 2009)

Fenn Wedding June 6, 2009: Josh & Lorrie 1 Fenn Wedding June 6, 2009 Fenn Wedding June 6, 2009: Josh & Lorrie 3 Fenn Wedding June 6, 2009: Josh & Lorrie 4 Fenn Wedding June 6, 2009: 1 Fenn Wedding June 6, 2009: Josh & Lorrie 6

Our Honeymoon (England & Ireland)

LorrieLondon1 LorrieLondon2 LorrieLondon3 LorrieLondon4 Honeymoon Stonehenge Bus in Ireland


More Pictures (Click on Thumbnails for Full)

Floyd1 WV2Friends1 Friends2 Friends3 Friends5 Friends6 Friends7 J&Lorrie 002-LorrieAndAnandaWedding 004-LorrieButterfly 005-LorrieCarlyLaura 006-LorrieJ 007-LorrieGiraffe 008-LorrieJasmine 009-LorrieBecky WV1 010-WithJFamily 011-GroupOfGirls 05LorrieAndFloydFriends 012-LorrieWithParents 0013-AuntBob weddingkiss1 A08-LorrieAndSimon kevin 20130215_154114 20130102_102958

Lorrie’s Blogs in PDF Format
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1. The Token Fat Girl (5/29/12 – 8/1/12)

Lorrie’s Blogs Archived

1. The Token Fat Girl (posts from May 29, 2012 – August 1, 2012)

2. Original Blogger Weight Loss Blog (November, 2006 – January, 2009)

Lorrie Appreciation

Mourning the Loss of Lorrie

More Lorrie Stuff Online

1. Wedding Blog. She started this blog in 2008 all about preparing for our wedding (in Floyd on June 6, 2009.) She put this online too.

2. Lorrie’s Handmade Jewelry (Video.) I recorded this video to help promote her Oliver Jewelry business. She was selling jewelry at the Artisan’s Market in Town and also online on her Etsy shop. This is from May 7, 2010 – the first Artisan’s Market in Floyd.

3. Lorrie taking Simon (the cat) for a stroll in Brooklyn (Video.) You can’t really see Lorrie too well in this silly video I made for my cat site, but you can hear her a bit. Lorrie and I shared a love of both cats & silliness. She liked to take Simon on walks in Brooklyn.

4. Lorrie’s profile on Etsy.

5. Lorrie’s Rdio profile.

6. Lorrie’s Goodreads profile.

7. Lorrie on Flickr.

8. Obituary on the Gardner Funeral Home site.

9. Pinterest: Beautiful Layers Magazine.

10. Lorrie’s Twitter account: Beautiful Layers